FAQ - MyClinic Software

What is MyClinic software?

Myclinic is India's best clinic management software to manage appointments, invoices, insurance, doctor-patient details, and lab reports.

What is the price range of MyClinic software?

The basic service starts from 1000 INR per month and it ranges till 3000 INR according to the services we provide.

How does the price range from other software which is available in the market?

MyClinic software is the cheapest which is available in the market currently, when compared to Practo, Skyflow healthcare vault, Healcon practice, Advantech iward etc

Whether I can use MyClinic if I'm managing my clinic single-handedly?

Yes, you can use myclinic software single handedly. The roles of receptionist, laboratorist and accountant will be integrated to the doctor itself in such case.

Can I use MyClinic software for a basic clinic where I don't have any specialist consultation or number of patients are very less per day?

Yes, in such case you can use the silver plan ie; 1000 INR per month. Also MyClinic offers free services for doctors who has less than 5 patients per day for the first 1 year.

What all kind of clinics can be managed using MyClinic?

You can add n number of departments and n number of doctors to the software based on the service you avail. There are no restrictions.

How secure is MyClinic software?

since it is working on the principle of xxx it is completely safe and secure to use. You will have complete privacy of your data.

Whether Myclinic can be considered as an electronic record maintaining system?

Yes it can be considered an ERM system

How much is the price of the software if it is an NGO?

If you have a valid FCRA registered under the Government of India, you can avail of the service for free.

How does it works if the doctor is on leave on a working day?

You can always post it on the software so that patients and other coworkers can see it through their login.

How does it works in case patient doesn’t turn up ?

if the patient cancels the appointment before time the slot will be available for the other patients who needs appointment.

What are the minimum requirements to use MyClinic software?

There is no specific requirement needed to run the software except an internet connection. And a device to browse the internet. It can be a smartphone, laptop, or tablet.  We also have the provision to provide the devices if required for the minimum amount.

Is there any provision to get the prescription in Myclinic software?

yes, you can always see patients prescription in the patients ID also they can take a print of it. Also prescription can be read by receptionist and laboratorist

Whether I can add my lab reports to the software?

Yes, any laboratorist associated with the clinic can add the lab report and patient, doctor and receptionist can read it

Whether I can take a print of the prescription?

Yes in my clinic software there is an option to take a print of the presentation.