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Doctors can save millions of trees worldwide with the use of digital prescriptions.

Doctors can save millions of trees worldwide with the use of digital prescriptions

Doctors can save millions of trees worldwide with the use of digital prescriptions. We frequently leave a clinic with a doctor’s prescription. Typically, it is a piece of paper with inscriptions aimed at improving our health. A paper prescription may represent a minor increase in our carbon footprint for us. However, for a doctor who treats thousands of patients, 5 trees each year are required to produce prescription pads.

Every year, 25 lakhs of trees are felled across the world to make prescription pads. The consequences of which are manifesting themselves in the form of global warming and climate change. What if we said that doctors, too, can help shape the future by migrating to digital prescription? So, let’s talk about it.

Those Leading the Way

E-prescribing may be cutting-edge technology in this part of the world, but it was adopted more than two decades ago in New Zealand, one of the world’s greenest countries. Digital prescription first appeared as part of the New Zealand government’s health initiative in the 1990s.

However, e-prescription was first used in the United States in the 1970s, when the Institute of Medicine advocated it and few high-end institutions adopted it. With automated billing systems, pharmacists were at the forefront of computerization in health care a decade ago. It eventually resulted in the creation of primitive e-prescribing software.

How Indian medical professionals can help

Conservative doctors frequently inquire about the role that electronic health records and digital prescriptions play in patient care. Let’s argue that it has a significant impact on maintaining the health of our world.

A study by the US-based healthcare behemoth Kaiser Permanente found that the introduction of e-prescriptions at 36 hospitals and 454 clinics resulted in a 1.7 million tonne CO2 emission decrease. Imagine the environmental impact if thousands of Indian clinics and doctors digitize their prescribing process.

Benefits of Digital Revolution

Beyond the advantages for the environment, digital prescriptions provide patients and physicians with unmatched ease. Here are some of the main advantages of adopting e-prescription software.

  • Reduced prescription loss due to secure cloud storage of prescriptions
  • Prescriptions are easily accessible to both patients and doctors.
  • Prevents handwriting errors that could result in drug delivery mistakes by pharmacists
  • reconcile the patient’s drug history as soon as possible.
  • Less time is spent by pharmacies checking orders.
  • Drugs that are easily prescribed and paid for by the patient’s insurance
  • affordable alternative to custom-printed paper prescriptions
  • Informs hospitals and clinics immediately of the best course of action for a certain patient.

MyClinic: The Best Solutions For Clinical Management System

After reading this information, MyClinic is your best option if you’re an Indian doctor looking to change the way you write prescriptions. The most affordable and effective digital prescription option in India is provided by MyClinic.

Using MyClinic, tonne of prescription just costs less a paper bundle. Compared to traditional paper-based prescriptions and computer-printed prescriptions, this cost is far lower.

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