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MyClinic - Clinic
Management Software

India's Best Clinical Software to manage  Appointments, Invoices, Insurance, Doctors and Patients Records! Make it easy for your patients and collaborators to access their data.

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Free Clinic Management Software

Free of charge for public health care clinics run by the government, non-governmental organizations, and other charitable organizations.*


  • Personalized login
  • Complete patient management
  • Choice of their own schedule
  • Manage patient appointments
  • Prescription and record of patient visits & history


  • Setup schedules without difficulty
  • Personalized login
  • View prescriptions
  • Insurance list
  • Lab report list


  • Doctor and patient management
  • Patient details management
  • Patient case studies
  • Appointment and schedule
  • Patient communications


  • Tailored dashboard
  • Personalised login
  • Insurance Management
  • Invoice & Finance
  • Reports


  • Tailored dashboard
  • Personalised login
  • Lab tests
  • Lab reports
  • Fast Processing

Exclusive Features

  • User Friendly Website
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Insurance &
    Easy Management
  • Departments wise management
  • Safety & Security
Create a Patient Friendly Clinic

Just make your visitors feel special.

With the help of Myclinic Clinic Management Software, a system has been built up over time. The best thing about this software is that it has cut down on paper use and put all of the important information in one place where it is easy to find. When it came to medical health records, it was easy for doctors to work with other departments. Because prescriptions, bills, and other calculations are kept digitally, the software has helped save time. This lets doctors focus on the most important parts of their activities.

User Friendly Website
Safe and Secure
Fast Processing

Subscription Package

Free of charge for public health care clinics run by the government, non-governmental organizations, and other charitable organizations.*

₹ 199
per month
Doctor - 1
Receptionist - 0
Laboratorist - 0
Accountant - 0
Patients - 300
Starts from
₹ 199*
per month
Doctor - Choose
Receptionist - Choose
Laboratorist - Choose
Accountant - Choose
Patients - Choose
₹ 2999
per month
Doctor - Unlimited
Receptionist- Unlimited
Laboratorist - Unlimited
Accountant - Unlimited
Patients - Unlimited
Clinic Management Software

Our Main Advantages

MyClinic Software Solution is designed for clinics with one or more departments.  You can maintain hospital departments, doctor patient records, patient case studies, insurance reports, invoice and so on. You can also manage doctor's appointments, patient visits, prescriptions, test reports, and several other aspects. Reminders  can be sent via email and SMS. It's a web-based app that's easy to run and use even in your smart phone.

Online Appointments

Our appointment system is used to schedule a patient's visit to the hospital for a consultation with a doctor.

Personolized Login

Personalised login credentials for doctors, patients, receptionist, accountant and laboratorist

Patient Record Maintainance

The application has saved time by keeping appointments, invoices, prescriptions, lab reports and other calculations online. This enables doctors to focus on their primary duties.

Useful Features

You can manage one or more departments at once from a single clinic. It also accommodates any standard insurance plan.

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It is strongly suggested that you use the best clinic management software for your clinic. As health care is a sensitive business, it's important for hospitals, clinics, and doctors to use the right software to improve administration and speed up service to patients.

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